Getting started with GSMTasks

Tasks provides an easy to use interface and should only take a few minutes to get set up and get your drivers on the road.

Create an account

1. Visit the GSMtasks sign-up page and provide the general information


– Add your first and last name
– Provide your email address
(this will be your username)
– Choose a strong password
– Add your phone number
– Take a look at the Terms and Conditions document and check the box to agree


2. Fill in your account information


– Write your Company name
– Provide your Account email
(e.g. company email)
– Add your Company website
– Write in which Country you are located
– Choose the correct Time zone and Language for your account


3. Add users (employees) to your account


It’s possible to add users during the account creation process. You can start by adding a few workers to try out the software.

PS: New users can always be added later in the Settings menu



– Write the user’s Display name
– Provide the user’s Vehicle registration number (optional)
– Write the user’s Email
(this will be their username and has to be unique)
– Add their Phone number with the correct country code
– Choose a strong Password
– Give your new user Account rights


Manager  – gives the user full access (admin rights)
Worker – gives the user limited access


Click the green button Continue button to save your work and you will be automatically logged into your account!



Download the GSMtasks mobile app

For your drivers to see tasks assigned to them, they need to download the GSMtasks app, log in, and mark themselves online.

Download the app for iOS
Download the app for Android

Create a new user

1. Click on the cogwheel icon on the upper right corner of your screen and open the Settings menu


2. Open the Account Roles menu from the left sidebar and click the New account role button


– Write the user’s name (it will be displayed on the dashboard)

– Write the user’s e-mail (this will be their username and has to be unique)

– Choose a strong password

– Add a phone number and vehicle registration number (optional)

– Give your new user Account rights (manager or worker)


Managers can view all task details and access the management dashboard

Drivers can only view tasks assigned to them


More information about account roles can be found here


Create and assign tasks

Tasks can be created manually one by one or imported to the system from Excel files


To create a single task for a driver:

Click on the green New task button on the upper right corner of your screen (in dashboard/map view)


The Create new task window will open

– Fill in the orderer info –

Enter the client information for whom the task will be completed.
Previously entered client information will automatically fill the data provided. 


–  Assign a driver –

If no one is provided, you can complete this at the management dashboard, with our drag and drop feature.

Checking the Auto-assign box will allow GSMtasks to choose an assignee. Please note, that the Auto-assign function has to be enabled from the Settings menu (Settings -> Dispatch & routing).


Fill in the Waypoint fields –

Select a category for your task and provide contact information as well as the destination.

Multiple waypoints can be added to a single task.
(E.g. in food delivery, there is usually a pick-up and a drop-off waypoint)

Specify when the task needs to be completed. This deadline information will also be taken into account for route optimization.


– Add a description –

This can be notes left by the client when making an online order or even instructions for your technician for the upcoming maintenance job.


– Fill in meta values –

These custom fields allow you to add additional information (e.g. price, amount, etc.) to tasks. Metafields have to be created by you in the Settings tab.

Learn how to create metafields here


– Upload documents –

This may include client contracts, building blueprints, or any other relevant files the driver may need.


To finish your work, just click the purple Create task button and the task will show up on the map and under the assignee’s tasks

If no assignee is provided, the task will go to the Unassigned tasks list

PS: Alternatively, you can create new tasks by just right-clicking on the map and choosing Add task here

Edit a task

To edit a task on the management dashboard:


1. Right-click the desired task on the sidebar


2. Choose Edit task…


3. Make the necessary changes


PS: You can also open the edit view by right-clicking the task on the map and choosing the Edit task



Clone a task

Creating a task that can be used by numerous drivers can be completed via the clone button, which will create an exact copy of the desired task.


Right-click on the task and choose Clone from the drop-down menu


This can then again be edited with a double click or immediately assigned to a driver via the drag and drop function.


Management Dashboard

Delete a task

Only managers can delete tasks. Drivers can only complete or fail tasks assigned to them.

To delete a task simply right-click on the desired task and choose Change State. From the pop-up window, left-click on Choose state and choose Cancel from the drop-down menu. You can add notes to the canceled task as well.

To delete multiple tasks at once, left-click on the tasks you wish to cancel while holding down the Ctrl key. After that, you can cancel them as you would do with a single task.

The management dashboard is provided for the administrator to complete all core functions. From the management dashboard, it is possible to assign and create tasks, view the drivers’ daily tasks, check real-time data about each driver, and view all relevant task information.


Drag & drop management

On the sidebar, you can see a list of unassigned tasks, your drivers, and tasks assigned that have been assigned to each driver.

Tasks can simply be dragged from the unassigned list to a specific driver. You can also change tasks between drivers and rearrange them with the drag & drop option.

Route Optimization

Route optimization is a feature developed by the GSMtasks team to efficiently create an optimal route for each driver.

The optimized routes are calculated by the location of tasks and any deadline requirements.

To optimize routes after the tasks have been assigned to a driver, right-click on the driver’s name on the sidebar and select Optimize worker route.

A pop-up window will appear. Fill in the fields as needed, providing any information GSMtasks should use to optimize the route correctly.

Choose the correct optimization objective

Transportation time – for the shortest mileage
Completion time – for the quickest route (shortest driving time)

Routes can also be optimized while importing tasks from an Excel file

Task and driver detail

To hide or show the driver’s daily tasks, simply click on the arrow near their name.

To view details of a specific driver, click on the driver’s name and their respective tasks will highlight on the map.

The numbers represent the order in which the task will be completed. Each task also has a task state.

To view the task details double click the task. You can also edit, clone or mark the task as done from that view.

From the upper left corner of your screen, choose Tasks -> List view to check more detailed information about the tasks, as well as the attached documents and the duration of the tasks.

Task states

Tasks have different states (statuses) so that the office staff and manager(s) can keep an eye on the work process.

To provide managers with even more up to date information about tasks, we have provided each task state to have a representative color.


The task states and their colors are: 

Unassigned (white) – the task has been created but hasn’t been assigned to an employee yet (it can be found under the unassigned tasks section on your dashboard)

Assigned (light blue) – the task has been assigned to an employee (it can be found under the respective driver section)

Accepted (dark blue) – the task has been accepted by an employee (it can be found under the respective driver section)

Active (bright green) – the employee has begun to work on the task

Transit (purple) – the employee has begun moving towards the client

Completed (dark green) – the task will be completed when the worker has arrived on the location and completed the necessary task details

Failed (yellow) – the task couldn’t be completed for some reason, but can be finished by the same employee later that day (the task can also be assigned to a new worker by the manager or completed at a future date)

Canceled (red) – tasks can only be canceled by a manager

Tasks Tab

In addition to viewing single tasks, the task tab at the top of the screen provides a detailed history of all tasks.

Here you can create new tasks or edit exciting tasks, view detailed information about tasks and export tasks as an Excel file.

In the List view, you can access all necessary details for a given task, such as attached documents, customer signatures, and any problems that may have occurred during the task.

You can also filter the tasks by date, state, or by the assignee (driver).

Clicking on a task will open a summary view. You can check who completed the task, the time it was assigned, how long the driver was in transit, or on-site., etc. You can also view any attached documents.


Contact Tab

In the contact tab, you will find your customers who have been related to a task.

You can view detailed information about the tasks that have been completed in this view.

The GSMtasks Client portal is used to maximize work environment efficiency.

You can grant customers access to your GSMtasks account with limited rights and they will be able to create and manage tasks for you.

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