Getting started with GSMTasks

Tasks provides an easy to use interface and should only take a few minutes to get set up and get your drivers on the road.

Create an account

To register a new account for a new company simply visit gsmtasks homepage and click the sign up button. This will direct you to fill in your company information to get your account.

After clicking the register button you are ready to begin using GSMtasks to better manage your mobile workforce!

Create/add user

In the settings tab you can change your general account information along with adding new workers.
To add a driver click the add new user button. This will direct you to provide general information for the user.
The user email provided will be sent a password setup message, which they can then use to access the system.
By providing a new user with manager access they can view all task details and access the management dashboard, however if provided only with driver access they can only view their own tasks.


Create and assign a task

When creating a task for a driver, simply click on the New tasks button to the right of the screen

Clicking the new tasks button will open the following window:

Select the type of task to be completed: Assignment, Pickup, Dropoff, or Warehouse.

Enter the client information for whom the task will be completed. To make things easier a dropdown menu will appear with previously entered client information and will automatically fill the data provided. This information can be found and managed under the Clients tab.

After providing client information and any extra needed details, you can specify when the task needs to be completed, ensuring the driver meets required deadlines for given tasks.

This deadline information will also be taken into account for route optimization.

After completion of task details, you may assign a driver; and if no one is provided you can complete this at the management dashboard, with our drag and drop feature.

Under a given task you can also upload any documents that may be needed by a driver, this may include client contracts, building blue prints, or any other relevant details a driver may need.

Edit a task

To edit a task, under the management dashboard, right click or double click the desired task on the sidebar. This will prompt up a preview of the tasks, where you can click the edit button to further edit the tasks details.

Clone a task

Creating a task that can be used by numerous drivers can be completed via the clone button, which will create an exact copy of the desired task. This can then again be edited with a double click or immediately assigned to a driver via the drag and drop function.

Delete a task

Only managers have access to delete a task. A driver can only complete or fail a task assigned to him. To delete a task simply right click on the desired task and hit cancel.

Management Dashboard

The manage dashboard is provided for the administrator to complete all core functions: add drivers, assign and create tasks and drivers, view a drivers daily overview, view real-time data for each driver, and view all relevant task information.

Drag and drop

On the sidebar is a list of unassigned tasks, drivers, and tasks provided to each driver. Tasks can simply be dragged from unassigned to a specific driver, between drivers, and provide order of importance within a given driver.

Route Optimization

Route optimization is a feature developed by the tasks team to efficiently create an optimal route for each driver. This is calculated by location of tasks and any deadline requirements. To activate this function after the driver has a list of his/her tasks, right click on the drivers name in the sidebar and select optimize task route.

Task and driver detail

To hide or show a drivers daily tasks, simply click on the arrow near their name and the drivers details will toggle providing viewing room for desired driver and task.

To view details for a specific driver, in the right sidebar click on the drivers name and their respective tasks will highlight on the map.

The numbers represent the order in which the task will be completed. Each task also has a task state.

To view the task details double click the task, where you can again clone or edit the chosen task.

Under the Tasks tab you can further view a detailed account of the tasks information including how long the task took and view any attached documents.

Task states

To provide the manager with even more up to date information we have provided each task state to have a representative color:

Unassigned: (White) An unassigned task is a task that has not been delegated to a specific driver and can be found under the unassigned section. These tasks are represented with a white pin.

Assigned: (Blue) An assigned task is a task that has been delegated to a driver and can be found under its represpective driver section. These tasks are represented with a blue pin.

Active: (Bright green) An assigned task will turn bright green when the respective driver has selected to begin the task.

Transit: (Purple) An active task will turn purple when the respective driver has selected to begin driving towards the client.

Completed: (Dark green) An in transit task will be completed and turn dark green when the driver has arrived on location and completed the necessary task details.

Failed: (Yellow) An assigned task can be failed by a driver. This failed task will turn yellow, the driver can decide to finish this task later in the day, this task can be assigned to a new driver, or to be completed at a future date.

Cancelled: (Red) A task that has been cancelled will turn red. This can only be selected by a manager.

Tasks Tab

In addition to viewing single tasks, the task tab at the top of the screen provides a detailed history of all tasks.

Under this view you can create new tasks along with a summary of other tasks. This screen can be used to review and access all necessary details for a given tasks, such as attached documents, signatures, and any problems that may have occurred during the task.

This view can filtered by date, state of task (i.e. completed vs canceled), and by driver.

Clicking on a task will direct you to a summary of the task. Here you can view who completed the task, when it was assigned, how long the driver was in trasnit, how long the driver was on location, and may view any attached documents.

Clients Tab

In the clients tab you will find all clients that have had a task.
Here you can manage your client list, by editing previous clients (click on client name) or providing details for new clients, which can then be accessed when creating a new task.

Driver Mobile app

Show Task List

When opening the mobile app from a drivers account he will immediately be prompted with his daily tasks, which are to be completed in order and will display the location of the task.

Task process

To select a task the driver will click on a task and will be prompted with the following screen. From this screen they have access to client and task information.

To access gps directions for the task the driver can click on the map or address icon, this will prompt up google maps.

To begin the task the driver will click activate, which will under management dashboard update the drivers state to transit.

When the driver gets to the location they should then click on the “Arrived at location” button, which will again prompt the manager that the driver is on location.

When on location the driver will have access to any of the provided documents that may be needed for completion of the task.

To finish the task the driver is prompted with the ability to take any relevant photos, client signatures with their mobile device, and add any notes about the task. After which the driver may complete the task and view their next assigned task.

As a company you may have the desire to add your own personal report that the driver can fill out on client location. Customized reports are available to integrate into GSMTasks allowing for a personalized solution ensuring your driver may complete their daily tasks.

Contact client

An option to automatically contact the client is also available, this can be used to alert the client you are on the way. The driver also has access to both call or SMS/text the client manually.

Digital documents and atachments

On location when completing a task the driver can take any relevant pictures and take client signatures with their mobile device.

Our signatures can then be digitally added to any documents and be emailed to both the client and the managers and viewed under task history tab

This function decreases the need for paper storage.

Failed task

If for someone reason the driver cannot complete a task they can click the fail button. They can then provide notes to why they could not complete the task and attach a picture to provide a more detailed view for the reason they could not complete the task.

The incomplete task will stay assigned to that driver, however under management dashboard the task can be assigned to someone new, be set to completed first thing the next day, or the driver can attempt to finish the failed task at another point in their day.

All the completed tasks and detailed information can be viewed under the task tab.