Product features

  • Efficient time management
  • Live tracking
  • Clear data visualisation & intuitive user experience
  • Paperless customer service
  • Smooth integrations
Task creation in tablet using GSMTasks
Task creation in tablet using GSMTasks

Efficient time management

Complex multi-stop routes & last-minute route changes. Always reach your customer on time - the fastest way!

  • Automisation

    Automated routing

    Enter all your tasks and follow the most efficient route to all your destinations.

  • Tasks

    Schedule Recurring Tasks

    Link different tasks and schedule recurring ones based on the needs of your day, week, or month.

  • App

    Mobile App for Drivers

    You can’t control chaos but you can choose the best route around it. Give drivers up-to-date information to stay on top of their daily tasks.

  • Live

    Live Tracking

    Know where your drivers are and how every task is progressing in real-time.

  • Analytics

    Fleet Analytics

    Track the metrics you need. Put user-friendly, correct, and easy to understand data to the best use for the growth of your company.

Mobiles displaying GSMTasks interface
Mobiles displaying GSMTasks interface

Clear data visualisation & intuitive user experience

Help your fleet perform at its top through fluid digital interaction.

  • Overview

    Complete overview

    An easy-to-read map gives an overview of your drivers’ locations & route plans together with in-progress and scheduled tasks.

  • Notifications

    Customer notifications

    Keep customers up to date through automated or manual SMS and e-mail notifications.

  • Drag&drop

    Drag & Drop Management

    Manage all your tasks with an easy drag-and-drop function (in management and calendar view).

  • Customise

    Custom Meta-fields

    Help your fleet perform better by adding custom meta-fields for any necessary details.

Laptops displaying GSMTask interface
Laptops displaying GSMTask interface

Paperless customer service

Improve your daily operations and save time with seamless digital customer service.

  • Digital-doc

    Digital documentation

    You and your customers can provide all the needed documents or photos digitally.

  • Siganture

    Signature capture

    Fulfill all delivery requirements digitally and sign documents digitally.

  • App

    Fast Proof of Delivery function

    Send signed documents to customers immediately upon having performed the delivery.

Digital signature capability in mobile app

Smooth integrations

Connect to tools you already use & start boosting your delivery capacity.

  • System-integration

    Integration with your tools

    Save time and money. Integrate with your current systems (incl. CRM and Warehouse) for a seamless flow of information.

  • Email-parsing

    Email Parsing

    Optimize your fleet and mobile workforce by pulling your data with other online delivery platforms (Eat24, Grubhub, etc.).

  • GPS

    Easy integration with GPS systems

    Integrate with all the main navigation systems (Waze, Sygic, Google maps, etc.).


Just watch your daily operations improve!

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Computers featuring GSMTasks dashboards

GSMTasks for iOS and Android

The app allows for easy communication between you and your drivers while providing drivers with all of GSMTasks benefits.