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  • System-integration

    System integration

  • Email-parsing

    E-mail parsing

  • GPS

    GPS integrations


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  • System-integration

    Integration with your tools

    Save time and money. Integrate with your current systems (incl. CRM and Warehouse) for a seamless flow of information.

  • Email-parsing

    Email Parsing

    Optimize your fleet and your mobile workforce by pulling your data with other online delivery platforms (Eat24, Grubhub, etc.).

  • GPS

    Easy integration with GPS systems

    Integrate with all the main navigation systems (Waze, Sygic, Google maps, etc.).

A partnership to expand your business

Expand your capability with our flexible, easy-to-integrate APIs. We handle geocoding location streaming, ETAs, data collection, and optimizations while you can focus on your product and on your customers.

Integration with different APIs

Build custom solutions around your needs

The GSMTasks API is a RESTful web service.

  • Every bit of data exchanged between clients and the API is JSON over HTTPS.
  • Allows developers to programmatically interact with GSMTasks data, real-time delivery, task management, and route optimization functionality.
  • Only supports requests made over HTTPS (calls made over plain HTTP fill file).
  • The base URL: https://gsmtasks.com/api/tasks/.

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Different possibilities with a mobile phone
Different possibilities with a mobile phone


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