Customizing the task view

You can customize the way you view task-related information on the dashboard and in the driver app.

Customizing the task view on the dashboard and in the app

Did you know it’s possible to modify the way tasks are displayed on your dashboard and in the mobile app? This is a great chance to make the solution even more convenient for your employees.

Default task view

By default, task-related information is displayed on the dashboard and in the driver app as follows:


  • waypoint address;
  • time (complete after/before);
  • contact name.

Customized task view

The way GSMtasks displays task information by default is best for companies whose drivers need to see the destination address first. In fact, any kind of information that is editable while creating a task (e.g. client name, company name, etc.) can be displayed in the task view.

For example, let’s say you manage a fleet of mobile technicians. For them, the description of the assignment and the task time might be the most important information.

Customizing the task view

This is a change that unfortunately cannot be done by you.

If you would like to customize the task view on your GSMtasks account, please contact our support via the green chat bubble on the button right corner of the screen.


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