Shopify Integration via webhooks

What is a Shopify integration? How to integrate GSMtasks with Shopify?

Shopify integration

GSMtasks enables integration with your Shopify account and e-shop, providing a seamless flow of information. Orders from Shopify will be automatically converted to tasks in GSMtasks, where you can easily assign them to drivers for completion.

Integrating GSMtasks with Shopify via webhooks

To integrate your GSMtasks account with your Shopify account via webhooks, you first have to create webhooks in Shopify.

Note: Webhooks are a tool for retrieving and storing data from a certain event. They allow you to register an HTTP:// URL where the event data can be stored in JSON or XML formats.

Webhooks can be managed on your Shopify account and you have to create 3 of them:

  • order create;
  • order update;
  • order delete.

Add a delivery URL to each webhook – the delivery URL has to be generated by our support team, so just let us know, that you need one.

Create a test order in Shopify – the test order should appear in GSMtasks web dashboard, under the Unassigned list.

Learn how to create webhooks in Shopify

General information about the integration

  • Any change made to the order or its components will be automatically updated in GSMtasks.
  • When an order is created a task will not be created until the order is paid for. As soon as the order is marked “paid”, a task is created.
  • At the moment we accept partial payments the same as full payments. In case an order is refunded or canceled, the task associated with the order will also be removed.
  • The same goes for partial refunds – canceled tasks cannot be recovered by the webhook.


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