Why you should use route optimization

Route optimization is critical for delivery businesses. Let's see why!

Route Optimization – what you should know

Route optimization is critical for businesses that manage mobile fleets – yup, we said it!

As businesses grow, route planning will inevitably become too complex to manage using inefficient tools.

Does this sound familiar?

You wake up every morning at 5 a.m., having worked until 2 a.m. last night because your drivers depend on you to plan their routes for the day.

With the help of Google Maps and Excel, you manage to finish the route planning in a few hours. Any unexpected changes in deliveries will mess up your carefully planned routes and you have to start all over again.

Now imagine your order volumes will grow and you would have 10 drivers and 300 orders a day to plan routes for or even more…

What will happen?

What is the potential outcome when you continue to manage your fleet without using a professional route optimization solution?

Here are some scenarios:

  • increased vehicle wear and tear;
  • less completed tasks per day;
  • customer dissatisfaction due to long waiting times;
  • inefficient driving routes;
  • increased fuel costs;
  • increase in manual work.

Route optimization solutions like GSMtasks help businesses decrease driving time, and fuel consumption by finding the most efficient route for the entire fleet in a matter of minutes.

How does route optimization software work?

Route optimization software or solution, if you will, is a tool to help you plan efficient routes faster. A routing algorithm is what creates the optimized routes.

These routes will give you the shortest drive time or mileage considering all your constraints (ie. time windows, driving speed, etc), plus accurate ETAs.

A good algorithm like GSMtasks uses, can save you 20% to 40% on fuel and driving time.

Route planning in GSMtasks

With GSMtasks you can easily plan routes while taking into account:

  • VEHICLES  – to use as few drivers/vehicles as possible for completion
  • TRANSPORTATION TIME – for the shortest mileage
  • COMPLETION TIME – for the quickest route (shortest driving time)

How to optimize routes from the dashboard? How to optimize routes from import files?


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