Task states (statuses)

What are the different task states and what do their colors represent?

What are different Task States (statuses)

Tasks in GSMtasks have different states (statuses). This way the office staff and manager(s) can easily keep an eye on the work process.

To provide managers with even more up-to-date information about tasks, we have provided each task state to have a representative color.

The task states and their colors

UNASSIGNED (white) – the task has been created but hasn’t been assigned to an employee yet (it can be found under the unassigned tasks section on the dashboard).

ASSIGNED (blue) – the task has been assigned to an employee (it can be found under the respective driver section).

ACCEPTED (dark blue) – the task has been accepted by an employee (it can be found under the respective driver section).

ACTIVE (bright green) – the employee has begun working on the task (task has been activated in the driver app).

TRANSIT (purple) – the employee has begun moving towards the client.

COMPLETED (dark green) – the task will be completed when the worker has arrived at the location and completed the necessary task details (the driver has to mark the task completed in the driver app).

FAILED (yellow) – the task couldn’t be completed for some reason but can be finished by the same employee later that day (the driver has marked the task failed in the driver app).

CANCELED (red) – tasks can only be canceled by a manager.



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