Geo zones (areas)

What are geo zones and how to use them?

Geo Zones (areas)

Tasks have specific addresses related to them – this way, your employees know where to go.

After creating a task, GSMtasks will automatically create a geo zone there as well.

A geo zone is an extended area around an address, the radius of which you can define in your settings area.

Geofencing is a technology that helps in determining geographical boundaries. This technology allows setting up triggers based on location information.

When your employee enters a specific boundary or area (geo zone), then it will issue an alert.

Usage of geo zones

Geo zones can be used in multiple ways to enhance your business. Let’s see how!


Geo zones have a triggered push-notifications system, that allows sending SMS notifications to customers, employees, and managers.

  • The driver enters the Geo Zone (notifying the customer) – a notification can be sent to the customer, letting them know their order, technician, etc. is nearby (this notification can be edited by you).
  • The driver enters the Geo Zone (notifying the driver) – a push-notification can also be sent to employees after they have entered the geo zone (for example, you might want to remind them to take a photo of the delivered parcel, add the client’s signature to the proof of delivery, etc.).
  • Driver leaves the Geo Zone while having an “active” status (notifying the driver/manager) – an e-mail or SMS notification can be sent out to the driver to change their task status (when the notification goes out to the manager, they can check the employee’s status in real-time in the GSMtasks software).
  • Measure working time (notifying the manager) – notifications can also be used to accurately measure working time (when an employee marks their status Active but has not entered the geo zone, a notification can be sent to the manager).

Note: this can be very useful for companies who pay an hourly wage, but employees set their status active (working) prematurely.


Automatic check-in/check-out

With automatic geo zone detection, Active and Completed status will be automatically marked in the app when reaching the specified geo zone (radius).

This way, the driver only has to mark one status in the app – Start driving.

For or employees who may have up to 20 or more tasks to complete in a day, this function can save a lot of time.


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