Client roles and how to create new ones

What are client roles and how to create them?

Client roles

The GSMtasks Client portal is used to maximize work environment efficiency. You can grant customers access to your GSMtasks account with limited rights and they will be able to create and manage tasks for you.

Client roles are used to give individual system admission to your business partners and to make work organization even more efficient.

To view existing client roles, push the cogwheel icon on the top right of your screen to openĀ SettingsĀ and chooseĀ Client rolesĀ from the left sidebar.

Clients will also have different permissions as users:

MANAGER– can create and edit tasks afterward

WORKER – can create and view tasks

ACTIVE – currently has access to your GSMtasks account

Creating new client roles

First, make sure the client is in your contact database.

How to add contacts to the database?


After the contact has been added to your contact database, push the cogwheel icon on the top right of your screen to openĀ Settings > Client roles > New client role.

Fill in the fields to create a new Client role.

Client – choose a contact from the drop-down menu
Email – add a contact email (this will be the client’s username)
Phone – add a contact phone

Note: your client will receive a link to create a password on the provided email.

Now, give the client user rights and save the client role.


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