Contact database

What is the GSMtasks contact database?

Contact database

The GSMtasks Contact database is where you can effectively manage and organize information about your customers and clients.

To view contacts in the database, click on the Contacts on the upper left corner of your screen.

Here you can use search to find contacts and add new ones to do your database.

Contacts can be added manually, imported from a file, or saved while creating tasks.

How to use the contact database?

The GSMtasks contact database can be used in several ways to enhance your business. Let’s see how.

Save valuable working time with automation

When creating a new task from the dashboard, waypoint fields can be filled out automatically with the data from your contact database.

Just type in part of your contact’s name and GSMtasks will suggest available contacts.

Reap the benefits of GSMtasks Client portal

The GSMtasks Client portal is used to maximize work environment efficiency. You can grant customers access to your GSMtasks account with limited rights and they will be able to create and manage tasks for you.

To add clients to the Client portal, they first have to be included in your contact database.

How to add and delete contacts from the database?


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