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Updated 29th September 2023.

Problems with route optimization

Daily route planning can be a bit of a headache. Well-optimized routes help drivers complete more tasks in less time plus keeping your customers happy. Sadly, manually optimizing routes can take up hours of your time and has a lot of human error.

Route optimization software makes finding the most efficient routes fast and straightforward.


Why GSMtasks as a Onfleet alternative?

Founded in 2015, GSM tasks is a leading route optimization software alternative to Tookan. GSMtasks enables users to analyze and effectively administer their company logistics. GSMtasks provides a full overview of work assignments that are provided by a company’s administrative or management department. Assignments in progress or have to be conducted, are visualized on a map, including the drivers’ positioning, locations of the assignment and the order of tasks.


GSMtasks Gets You:

  • Real-time notifications
  • Automatic route optimization
  • Multi-stop planning
  • Powerful reports obtained in a few clicks
  • Signing digital documents using a smart mobile app


  • Artti Aston, Securitas

    “We started using GSMtasks just at the right time, as we were looking for technician management solutions. GSMtasks was a ready solution to be used and was customized according to Securitas needs.”

  • Henri Asi, E-Kuller

    “Because of GSMtasks route optimization, we have managed to reduce the time spent on logistics up to 2 times.”

  • Horia Alexandriu, Flattire

    “Whereas everyone else insisted on having 10,000 features that didn’t work, GSMtasks made sure to include only useful features, ensuring that everything runs smoothly”


Onfleet vs GSMtasks

  • Automisation


    Our functionality is the same but costs 266% less. Onfleet begins at $149 per month, ours at $15.31

  • Delivery-proof

    Customer support

    Our customer support is free, you will pay to have this at Onfleet.

  • App

    Driver chat

    Our built-in driver chat and feedback collector is included in our pricing. This is extra at Onfleet.

Can I apply for a free trial of GSMtasks?

Yes! If:

  • You need to manage a fleet of drivers,
  • You’re tired of doing business the old-fashioned way,
  • You’re ready to digitally transform your business,
  • You’re ready to start implementing immediately.

Oh, and did we mention we have a customer service team online covering several time zones? You can email, chat and call us when you need.

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