Mobile Workforce & Task Management

Complete end to end management for your mobile workforce.

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Mobile Workforce Management Will Help To Save Time & Resources

Mobile Route Optimization

  • Optimize & organize your driving routes
  • Full 360 overview of your entire operation

Mobile Field Service Management

  • Connect with your employees instantly while they are in the field
  • Use our mobile or desktop app for convenience

Mobile Fleet Management

  • Track and manage your entire fleet from your desk
  • Keep up to speed with instant notifications and reporting

Cut Down On Business Costs While Optimizing Your Mobile Operations

  • Decrease vehicle wear and tear
  • Complete more tasks per day
  • Optimize driving routes
  • Decrease fuel costs
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction

Mobile Task Management

With GSMtasks you can track & manage your entire team without worrying about what might be happening. You can instantly see where each team member is, their tasks completed and their remaining tasks for the day.

Instantly increase your mobile operations with our route optimization engine to complete more tasks in less time.

Automatically Generate Optimized Vehicle Routes

Schedule optimized multi-stop routes in minutes. GSMtasks routing engine releases you from hours of manual fleet management planning.

Straightforward Route Planning

Customizable options including photo capture, GPS tracking, custom meta fields, proof of delivery and much more.

Multi-Stop Planning Reduces Costs

Insert your daily addresses and the route optimization function implements the most effective route. Automatically optimized routes preserve fuel and reduce delivery costs.

Recurring Tasks Eliminates Back-Office Admin

Recurring tasks eliminate the need to program the same routes daily and instead get updated automatically.

Pc & Mobile Planning At Your Fingertips

Guide your team of drivers from your mobile and equip them with real-time information and ensure task completion on the go.

Powerful Reporting In A Few Clicks

Obtain routing data to advance your business performance. Monitor only the metrics you need like actual task completion time, average driver delivery time or cost per delivery.

You don’t need GSMTasks if you:

  • Want to keep doing business the outdated way
  • You do not care about saving your time
  • Are not bothered about increasing profit

You should trial GSMTasks for free if you do want to:

  • Increase driver productivity
  • Lower fuel costs and other expenses
  • Increase profits for your business
  • Wish to compete with the competition
  • Skyrocket customer satisfaction rates

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"We started using GSMtasks just at the right time, as we were looking for technician management solutions."

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