Mobile Task Management Features

Discover all of the features included with GSMtasks to help you optimize routes and manage your fleets and teams in the field.

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  • Overview

    Mobile Route Optimization

    Plan optimized multi-stop routes in minutes. GSMtasks routing engine rescues you from hours of manual fleet management planning. Minimize windshield time and maximize the capacity of your fleet with shorter routes.

  • Automisation

    Schedule Recurring Tasks

    For your mobile workforce without any hassle of entering the same task again and again. Link two or more tasks with each other, this is important when your order requires more than one stop. Enter the task details, enable task repeat repeat function and choose frequency.

  • Analytics

    Fleet Analytics

    Track only the metrics you actually need. GSMtasks provide user-friendly, correct and easy to understand data to enhance your business processes. How long are your drivers on the road? How far are they driving? How long does a task take to complete?

  • Delivery-proof

    Standard Proof Of Delivery

    Once the work is done you can send immediately the worksheet (digital document) to the customer with an attached signature in the application.

  • Delivery

    Automated Routing

    Enter the tasks for the day and our GSMtasks route optimization function will provide the most efficient route. Automatic optimized routes save substantial fuel costs to your business.

  • GPS

    GPS Navigation Integration

    GSMtasks support Waze, Sygic Google maps etc.

  • App

    Mobile App For Drivers

    Manage your fleet with a mobile app that provides drivers with up-to-date information for their days tasks ensuring all your fleet’s tasks complete on time.

  • Customise

    Custom Meta-Fields

    Add custom meta-fields , they can show in detail view, in list view or in the mobile app. It is very handy for fleet or task management when you need to display extra details for the employees in the field.

  • Notifications


    SMS/EMAIL notifications to clients. Keep customers informed through GSMtasks automated or manual notifications. Trigger-based SMS and E-MAIL notifications inform your customers when your employees start and complete tasks.

  • Tasks

    Complete Overview

    Complete overview of your company’s in-progress and scheduled tasks visualized on map with the driver’s current location en route and where they’re headed next.

  • Siganture

    Signature Capture

    Upload signatures to your documents for any task and fulfill all delivery requirements digitally, managing your fleet paperless.

  • Drag&drop

    Drag & Drop Management

    Easy drag-and drop function to manage all tasks, accessible in both management and calendar view.

  • Digital-doc

    Digital Documents

    Go paperless! With GSMtasks all necessary documents can be provided digitally, decreasing your paper storage needs.

  • System-integration


    GSMtasks enables integration with your current systems including CRM, warehouse, and sales providing a seamless flow of information.

  • Live

    Real Time Updates

    Be always informed of a task’s status with real-time updates.

  • App

    Photo Capture

    Upload photos to your digital documents for any task and fulfill all delivery requirements, increasing your potential to go all digital.

  • Email-parsing

    Email Parsing

    Pull your data with Eat24, Grubhub etc. and optimize your fleet or mobile workforce.


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