Fleet Management Software: 7 factors to help you choose the right one

Fleet management software could be the key to maximizing operational efficiency in your business

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  • What is fleet management software?
  • 7 points to consider when purchasing fleet management software

Once you’ve identified areas that require operational improvement in your operation, it is time to consider taking a route optimization, and a mobile fleet management tool boosts your workflow efficiency.

However, the selection of providers is broad and can be challenging to compare.

GSM Tasks has written the ultimate list in aiding you to select which software that is both user-friendly and fulfills your business objectives.

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What is fleet management software?

A fleet management software is an application that helps businesses manage, organize and coordinate work vehicles or employees from a central information system. Thus, maximizing overall fleet operations, reduce costs and boost profit.

Fleet management software can also be known as:

  • field management software
  • multi-stop planner

The standard functionality includes GPS tracking and navigation, dispatch and scheduling, route planning and optimization, fleet analytics, and real-time data collection.


7 points to consider when buying professional fleet management software

Here’s a list of critical functions to consider when choosing a solution for your business, whatever field you work in.


1.    User-friendly interface

Whether it’s the app that your drivers use while in the field or a desktop version for your officed-based employees, every aspect of the system should be user-friendly and intuitive. It is imperative that your staff rapidly adopts new technology, won’t require a long or extensive training period, ensuring the return on investment will be faster.

Critically, as with all software, any solution you are implementing should make life easier for your employees.

2.    Ease of application

It’s essential to keep in mind that making changes in your management or restructuring your entire operation will take time. Nothing happens overnight, and for some time, things might be a little uncomfortable. Nonetheless, a perception that software projects are time-consuming and overcomplicated is mostly not accurate.

It’s essential to understand what the implementation process will involve. Can the program be integrated with your systems? Is there enough support and training for your team?

For example, GSM Tasks offers consultations, video demos, and even training for staff to help them better comprehend the new software, fulfilling their potential to benefit from the mobile workforce and delivery management software.

3.    Ease of integrability

Every organization has different business tools they use daily and operate in their unique way. When choosing from the variety of multi-stop route planners and task management software, keep in mind that the integration process should be relatively easy and suit your needs.

GSMtasks interacts with most typical business’ software through easy-to-integrate APIs.

Read how Swedish e-commerce achieved automated delivery management using GSMTasks API


4.    Additional functionality

There are many features offered by fleet management software providers that might be of your interest. Make a list of your business objectives and focus on them when you’re deciding what to choose.

Are you looking for simple tracking and route optimization solution or want to take it a little further? GSM Tasks offers the possibility to send automated notifications to your clients, achieve paperless document management with electronic proof of delivery and digital signing, analyze your fleet, customize meta fields, and much more.

Check out all the GSMtasks’ features here


Identify which software covers your requirements the best, and you will have a system that meets your needs in the long term.

5.    Mobile application and real-time data

The need to do things on the go is no stranger to anyone, especially for fleet managers. Meaning that you would want to have full access to your data anywhere you go and might not have the opportunity to take your computer with you. You can already use your smartphone for almost everything and managing your fleet is no exception.

When selecting a software provider, ensure they offer a reliable mobile app, so that you and your staff can access accurate, real-time data using your smart devices whenever it is required.

6.    Security of your data

In today’s data-driven environment, no company, be it a small local business or a big corporation, can’t function without data.

You probably wouldn’t want to go to work one morning only to realize that all of your data has disappeared due to equipment failure or a breach, as most of your business operations and decisions critically depend on it.

Not to mention the responsibility you have towards your clients not to let their personal and transactional information be exposed to the wrong people.

With GSM Tasks, all data is stored and backed up on a highly secure server and is accessed through client APIs. The information is available for export should the client ever decide to leave us, or they wish to make their own backups of the data.

7.    Reliability of the service provider

An excellent delivery management software can make a big difference to your business when used correctly. Choosing the right supplier is just as important as finding the right solution. Take the time to check the background of providers, find out who their clients are, and ask for a demonstration or trial period.

If the company is trustworthy and confident in their product, they will be happy to offer these for free and don’t hesitate to showcase their client stories.

Take a look at the case studies on GSMtasks’ homepage to see how varying industries have benefited from the software


Researching and selecting a fleet management software provider can seem daunting; however, with this checklist to consider, you will find the best solution in no time.

If you still have concerns about whether fleet management software will work for your industry, feel free to get in touch with our experienced team. GSMTasks are happy to provide you with an overview of GSM Tasks’ features and figure out your precise requirements.

You can even try the software FREE of charge for 14 days to view the advantages yourself! Sign up and give it a try!

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