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Accurate accounting is essential for every company that wants to offer excellent quality and professional service to their clients but can be somewhat challenging, especially for bigger businesses with a large mobile fleet to manage. H2O International got everything under control with the help of GSM Tasks in no time.

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GSMtasks mobile logistics solution increased controlled accounting for a water distribution company

Accurate accounting is essential for every company that wants to offer excellent quality and professional service to their clients but can be somewhat challenging, especially for bigger businesses with a large mobile fleet to manage.

H2O International got everything under control with the help of GSMtasks in no time!

H20 – South Africa’s leading water purification company

In 22 years, H2O has strived to become the leading utility company offering clean, great-tasting water not only in South Africa but also throughout Kenya, Zambia, Botswana, Mozambique, Lesotho, and Swaziland. Providing clean water to thousands of households is a matter of significant importance; H2O’s franchisor Tony Marchesini felt a bigger need to contribute to improving the health and well-being of South African’s and forged a company that is dedicated to informing families about the benefits of drinking purified water.

H20 International’s wide range of products includes water dispensers for hot and cold water, coffee and ice machines, food-waste disposers for homes, offices, and other industries. Everyone can find a product of theirs suitable for their individual needs from the company’s wide array of 450+ products.

Case Study Summary:

  • Demonstrating excellence and professionalism
  • Increase effectiveness while still reducing cost
  • Why mobile fleet management works

H2O reached out to GSMtasks to manage their mobile fleet more efficiently, as providing both product delivery and technical support around the country became quite challenging. They understood that time management and punctuality are critical when adopting excellent quality service and raising customer satisfaction.

With GSMtasks, all the daily tasks are forwarded to workers promptly and according to their relevance via the GSMtasks app, offering a seamless workflow both inside and outside the office. The app is downloaded to a smartphone or tablet and acts as a GPS positioning system plus a daily job schedule for the driver with the routes optimized. The tasks can be either viewed as a list with client information and their location or in the map view.

Being the leading water purification company in Southern Africa means many clients that need to be served during the day, thus increasing the margin of errors. H2O wanted to minimize the likelihood of client dissatisfaction. By adopting GSMtasks, they quickly realized they were rewarded with the perfect solution.

The drivers’ location, daily tasks, and statuses with corresponding colors are continuously visible to the office workers inside the software, offering a complete overview of the day and a chance to amend plans when something goes off point. The tasks can easily be rearranged by GSMtasks’s drag & drop function that allows assigning a job to another driver while keeping an eye on their priority and the time that clients must be visited.

Clients are then informed about delivery times and when they might be running late via the messaging function inside the GSMtasks app. Keeping clients updated about what is the present situation is a great way to boost customer satisfaction and ensuring customer retention for years to come.

Building better effectiveness while reducing costs

Easy access to the tasks and client information was highly relevant to H2O, thus keeping an archive of paper documents was not ideal. With GSMtasks, all the necessary paperwork is saved in the cloud and reachable when required.

Besides, all the data that is logged by the app – how much time was spent delivering goods, and how long did it take to reach the client, etc.– is stored and backed up in a highly secure server and available for GSMtasks’s clients through an API.

The data can then be exported and analyzed to further improve the effectiveness of the company. Experience demonstrates that companies utilizing GSMtasks route optimization software reduce driving time up to 6%, and that is directly translatable into the cost. Reaching more clients within the day undoubtedly boosts company growth.

How mobile fleet management remedied H20’s problems

GSMtasks was the perfect partner to team up with when challenges arose with their accounting. The concern H20 was facing was that the information related to each task and the client did not match with the data held by the company’s accountants, causing apparent problems in billing.

These issues were resolved when H2O’s drivers began to use the GSMtasks app where they can quickly note all the relevant information to prepare a proof of delivery – how many bottles of water were delivered, how many empty bottles were collected, tasks related to maintenance work as a few examples. Besides, the client’s signature and pictures can be attached to the virtual document when needed.

The delivery person or technician marks the job completed after finishing the task, and the proof of delivery with the description of the completed service, or the number of water bottles delivered or collected is then automatically sent to both the client and the office. A complete overview of the daily deliveries now empowers H2O to monitor everything precisely at ease.

All the data is sent to the office staff via the app in seconds, meaning that the task reports are mobile and compiling bills for clients is easier than ever. The bills are then sent to the clients electronically, which saves valuable time spent on tedious paperwork. Using GSMtasks for mobile fleet management ensures a professional and precise service that boosts a client’s trust and preserves data control inside the office.

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