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Software to help you decrease costs, increase efficiency... and provide detailed analytics for your company

Why you should use GSMtasks fleet management software

Easy management of workers

Know where your workers are and keep them up to date with all daily tasks.


Using software to keep track of everything for later analysis to increase work efficiency.

There is already alot of information on the web for how fleet management software will decrease your companies fleet costs including:

  • Keeping track of vehicle maintenace and repairs
  • Decreasing fuel costs
  • Reducing driver down time
  • ...

The benefits are endless and if you are looking for other resources, I have provided two links.
Fleet financials -10 ways to reduce costs
Business.com - Reduce fleet costs

"Two components will help reduce costs: Metrics and Fluid management"

Keeping track of all data is imperative to enhance business processes. If you don’t have data you have nothing to base your changes on. If you change business processes based on assumptions, many times these can be false and actually hurt your companies success.

Using GSMtasks with mobile app capabilities allows you to track your workers movements at all times. This allows for complete data analysis to be completed :

  • Are your drivers spending too much time on location?
  • How many tasks are they completing in a day?
  • Are they driving too much?
  • Where are they and what are they doing all day?

The greatest thing about tracking everything; is you have the freedom and opportunity to use our data however you desire.

Easy management

GSMtasks provides an easy to use dashboard to ensure all your days work gets completed. With us you can:

  • Give your drivers all their days tasks before they get into work
  • Update their tasks while they're on the road with a push of a button
  • Know where your drivers are and how many tasks they have completed and how many more they have to do
  • If something went wrong, immediately assign a task to another driver who can best complete the incomplete task

Managing what your mobile workforce is doing throughout the day should not be stressful. GSMtasks is a tool to help you get you through your day sucessfully!

Whether its the manager, assistant, or dispatcher, using our software will enhance workflow throughout the entire business.


GSMtasks is a solution to efficiently manage and analyze your logistic needs.

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