Flat Tire – There’s no need to reinvent the wheel

Starting up in business can be daunting, once you’ve figured out what your service or product will be, you need to find the best possible way to deliver it. For small and medium-sized businesses this can be where the headache begins. If you provide a location-based service, either as your product or alongside the goods you sell in the form of a delivery service, GSMtasks may be the answer to your logistical challenge.

Flat Tire Bike

A bit about Flat Tire

Based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Flat Tire is a start-up providing mobile bike repairs using mechanics with a basic repair kit, also traveling on bicycles. Cyclists download an app and contact the service when they have issues with their bike, which can be anything from a flat tire (hence the name) to damaged or faulty wheels, brakes, gears, or frames.

Using the app their customers alert the service to their location and issue, providing mapping coordinates and a photo of the damage or problem. The company then schedules a repair time and sends a mechanic to fix the customer’s bike. The customer is kept in the loop with regular updates on the mechanic’s arrival time, as well as their current position along the route.

A complex service delivered at an affordable price

For smaller teams starting out, building a fully functional tracking and logistics solution on top of their customer-facing app can be prohibitively costly, rendering the idea unfeasible. Had Flat Tire chosen to develop their own in-house software with the same functionality as ours, at their current size and scale they may have run into financial and staffing challenges.

GSMtasks software is a fully-functional cloud-based logistics solution suitable for small to medium-sized companies, offering real-time tracking and notifications, the ability to set job status and monitor a team of service people, as well as the option to customize the software with job sheets and other data management tools should they wish.

Building your business around GSMtasks

As is clear with Flat Tire, many companies would be able to launch their service in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost by subscribing to our 14 EUR per month, per user package. Other than their customer-facing app, which acts as a simple messaging tool – allowing the sending of photos, text, and location coordinates – a significant proportion of Flat Tire’s service runs on GSMtasks. Utilising our API to import the information their app collects into our system for their office team and mechanics to use, they are able to deliver a smoother and more reliable service to the end-user.

Flat Tire was able to set up this integration within a few hours, and with minimal development cost. They now have complete control over the management of each and every task assigned to their bike mechanics; they know where they are and when they will be where they need to be. Likewise, their customers also receive regular SMS updates with a link that shows the exact location of their assigned mechanic in real-time.

Delegate and concentrate on what you do best

An increasing number of small companies are seeing the value of delegating the tasks and processes that don’t form part of their core specialism or service. If you’re a wizard at fixing bikes fast, you don’t want to be wasting time and money developing a real-time tracking and logistics app, you want to concentrate on being the best mobile bicycle repair in the world, right?

That is where GSMtasks come in. We have a lightweight logistics product that costs just 14 EUR a month per user, perfect for small delivery and services providers. Build your service around our app for less than a Netflix subscription, and stand out from the crowd with transparent customer communication and precise scheduling information readily available.

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