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Trucking software that increases efficiency for your truck drivers

Optimized trucking routes help your drivers deliver their shipments quicker which means more deliveries in the same road time. Planning routes for your truck drivers & fleet can be tedious, using GSMtasks you can automate their routes both in cities and long distances.

Detailed task overview page
Detailed task overview page

Allow your trucking fleet to maximize their time on the road

Allow your trucking fleet to maximize their time on the road with more deliveries and more time to be home.

Costs associated with inefficient trucking routes include:

  • Truck and rig wear and tear
  • Drivers being unable to complete a certain number of miles or jobs per day
  • Customer dissatisfaction due to long waiting times
  • Inefficient trucking routes

Our automated trucking software gets your drivers from A to B to Z quicker.

Overview of routes in the USA from GSM task Dashboard
Overview of routes in the USA from GSM task Dashboard

Create Optimized Truck Routes For Your Fleet Automatically

Create optimized trucking routes in minutes with GSMtasks routing engine. This saves you from hours of manual fleet planning. Minimize windshield time for your truckers and maximize the capacity of your fleet with optimized routes.


Automatic Routing Is Ideal For Multi Stop Route Planning

Enter the addresses for the day and our GSMtasks route optimization function will provide the most efficient route for each driver on your team. Automatic optimized routes save substantial fuel and time costs to your business. Recurring tasks can help eliminate the need to schedule the same routes daily and instead get updated automatically.

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Truck Routing & Fleet Planning Made Simple

With GSMtasks you have the ability to create automated routes for your drivers, full GPS integrations, full analytics for your truck fleet and have a complete real-time overview of what’s going on in the field.

Truck Routing Analytics That Optimize Your Business

We provide user-friendly, correct and easy to understand routing data to enhance your business processes. Track only the metrics you actually need to increase business productivity.

  • Delivery

    How long are your drivers on the road?

  • Overview

    How far are they driving?

  • Notifications

    How long does a task take to complete?

Mobiles displaying GSMTasks interface
Mobiles displaying GSMTasks interface

Don’t just take our word for it

  • Artti Aston, Securitas

    "We started using GSMtasks just at the right time, as we were looking for technician management solutions. GSMtasks was a ready solution to be used and was customised according to Securitas needs."

  • Henri Asi, E-Kuller

    "Because of GSMtasks route optimization, we have managed to reduce the time spent on logistics up to 2 times."

  • Horia Alexandriu, Flattire

    "Whereas everyone else insisted on having 10,000 features that didn't work, GSMtasks made sure to include only useful features, ensuring that everything runs smoothly"

How Our Trucking Software Works

  • Log in to the Admin interface to schedule truckers and routes for the day
  • Our automated engine will schedule each truckers routes for optimal road time
  • Each driver receives push notifications to their mobile phone with instructions for each task
  • The driver can open directions in Google Maps, Waze or Apple Maps for quickest traffic routes
  • Once the driver completes a task they check that task off and continue to the next
  • Track the drivers in real time in the admin interface
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