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Shuttle optimization software that increases efficiency for your shuttle service

By optimizing & managing your shuttle routes you can track your shuttles in real-time to be able to make on-demand decisions to maximize business and customer satisfaction. Making sure your Shuttles are on time and on track manually can be tedious and time-consuming, GSMtasks makes it easy to manage your Shuttle Fleet.

Allow your driver’s to focus

Allow your drivers to focus on customer service, while you focus on managing your shuttle’s routes, stops & pickups.

Costs associated with inefficient shuttle management include:

  • Vehicle wear and tear
  • Less completed tasks per day
  • Customer dissatisfaction due to long waiting times
  • Inefficient driving routes
  • Increased fuel costs
  • Increase in manual work

Our automated shuttle software makes sure your drivers are focused on the customer


Create Optimized Shuttle Routes Automatically

Our routing engine can optimize the routes for each shuttle everyday depending on the numbers of stops and locations. Simply enter the pickup addresses each morning and our software will help determine the best order and routes to save time and money.

Multi Stop Route Planning Is Ideal For Shuttle Fleets

Enter the addresses for the day and our GSMtasks route optimization function will provide the most efficient route for each driver on your team. Automatic optimized routes save substantial fuel and time costs to your business. Recurring tasks can help eliminate the need to schedule the same routes daily and instead get updated automatically.

Shuttle Fleet Planning & Management Made Simple

With GSMtasks you have the ability to plan your Shuttle routes every day, send routes to your shuttle drivers, and keep an eye on their movements throughout the day to ensure they are staying on time to maximize customer satisfaction and expectations.

Shuttle Management Analytics That Help Optimize Your Business

Get updates and follow your shuttle fleet along in real time to ensure routes are being maximized and pickups and dropoffs are always on time

  • How often are your shuttles late?
  • What routes take the longest during peak hours?
  • Which shuttles are having the most trouble?
  • What is the optimal time for pickups?


Don’t just take our word for it

  • Siganture

    Artti Aston, Securitas

    "We started using GSMtasks just at the right time, as we were looking for technician management solutions. GSMtasks was a ready solution to be used and was customised according to Securitas needs."

  • Siganture

    Henri Asi, E-Kuller

    "Because of GSMtasks route optimization, we have managed to reduce the time spent on logistics up to 2 times."

  • Siganture

    Horia Alexandriu, Flattire

    "Whereas everyone else insisted on having 10,000 features that didn't work, GSMtasks made sure to include only useful features, ensuring that everything runs smoothly"

How Our Shuttle Management Software Works


  • Log in to the Admin interface to schedule shuttle and routes for the day
  • Our automated engine will schedule each shuttles routes for optimal pickup times
  • Each driver receives push notifications to their mobile phone with instructions for each task
  • The driver can open directions in Google Maps, Waze or Apple Maps for quickest traffic routes
  • Once the driver completes a pickup they check that task off and continue to the next
  • Track the shuttles in real time in the admin interface


Shuttle Management Software FAQs

What is shuttle management software?

Shuttle management software is a set of tools streamlining shuttle management supervision and monitoring. It connects businesses with their commercial vehicles out on the road.

Integrated with shuttle management software programs, it gives you complete, real-time shuttle fleet visibility and facilitates two-way communications with the drivers. It also lets you measure and establish strategies to improve driving behaviours, cost control efforts, resource governance, etc.

Shuttle management technology includes GPS tracking, dashcams, fuel monitoring tools, etc.

What is the best shuttle management software?

The best shuttle management software programs have the following functionalities:

  • Telematics
  • Dashcams with hazard detection capabilities
  • Driver safety scorecards
  • Real-time global positioning system (GPS) tracking
  • Geofencing
  • Diagnostic fault codes and alerts
  • Maintenance reminders
  • Automated engine performance recording
  • Electronic logging of driver’s on- and off-duty hours
  • Instant inspection report generation
  • Computerized scheduling, route planning, and dispatch workflows
  • Electronic fuel consumption tracking and International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) tax reporting
  • Two-way messaging systems
  • Load boards
  • Mobile (Android, iOS, etc.) and desktop software availability
  • Flexible and multiple system integrations

Superior shuttle management solutions will usually include:

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Intuitive reporting dashboards
  • Ease of use
  • Updates on regulatory changes
  • Accurate data capture and analytics
  • Scalability
  • Configurable to your business requirements
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Secure and centralized data storage
What do businesses use shuttle management software?

Shuttle management software makes it easy to automate processes such as driver assignment, dispatching, and appointment booking. This automation makes it simple to identify bottlenecks in your in-house shuttle system that might be costing your dealership.

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