Welcome everyone

Why I am writing this blog today is to tell you about who we are, why we care about your mobile workforce, and give you guidance to what you can expect from our blog.

GSMtasks was a natural growth step from our previous work. We originally sold GPS trackers for fleet management. As with all things going mobile, we saw an opportunity to not only enhance our current user satisfaction but help many, many other businesses.

Our GPS tracking hardware helped companies to track and analyze their fleets movement while also being able to check for employee gas syphoning, a fancy word for theft. Our clients were very satisfied with our offering, however every now and then we heard feedback or suggestions:

  • “Instead of just tracking, can we provide drivers with information while they are on the road?”
  • “Our drivers need to learn how to effectively read a map!”
  • “Will I ever get rid of my file cabinets filled with paper?“

So after a few years of hearing these same comments again and again we finally put together GSMtasks, a natural growth step for our company and a way to provide an even better service!

Now what can you expect from our upcoming blog posts?

First off we will try to keep them short and informative, at most 3 important takeaways. Second we will outline what the post will be about providing an easy way to “skim” the article. And lastly we will add one link to an interesting article we read that will hopefully provide some insightful information.

About every few posts we will try to showcase a company that uses our service and learn ways that GSMtasks has helped them. Feel free to reach out if this interests you

And to begin here is our first link, a great summary to how fleet tracking software can help you.


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