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Plan & map your field sales routes faster and easier with GSMtasks.

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Optimize Your Sales Routes So You Can Focus On Selling

By automating your sales team routes you give them and yourself more time back in the day to make up to 2-3 more sales calls.

Give Your Sales Agents The Opportunity
To Make More Sales

Lower Your Travel Costs & Time On The Road

Our planning and mapping software enables your sales agents to focus on the task at hand, while giving managers a full overview of the time spent on the road. Some unnecessary costs that come with field sales include:

  • Long traffic delays
  • Sales agents worried about setting up their GPS
  • Being late to appointments
  • Less time to sell

Today’s world is highly competitive in every aspect, we look to give your sales team that extra edge by optimizing your sales routes.

Easy To Use Sales Routing Software

GSMtasks allows to plan ahead for every sales agent in the field and on your team. Simply enter their planned appointment addresses into our routing generator, and within seconds you’ll have fully optimized routes for every sales agent.

To keep up with the competition and help your agents meet their quota, it’s imperative that they have every advantage possible, both in the office and on the field. By planning their routes for them, you take one less task off their shoulders so they can continue to drive revenue for your business.

For Sales Reps

Instead of losing time behind the wheel, your reps can use that time to sell.

For Sales Teams

Keep track of your entire sales team anywhere, anytime with our routing mobile app.

For Sales Management

Train your team faster and more efficient by giving them less to worry about.

Shuttle Fleet Planning & Management Made Simple

With GSMtasks you have the ability to plan your Shuttle routes everyday, send routes to your shuttle drivers and keep an eye on their movements throughout the day to ensure they are staying on time to maximize customer satisfaction and expectations.

Optimizing sales routes can’t get any simpler

All you need to do is enter in the addresses for each sales rep and let our routing software take care of the rest. Connect with a top GPS app like Google or Waze to get from A to B as quickly as possible. Sales reps get their routes and can focus on business and allow you more time to manage your business.

  • Upload Sales Routes
  • Watch Sales Reps In Real Time
  • Receive Notifications For Each Completed Task
  • Sales Reps Can Make More Sales Calls

How Our Sales Routing Software Works

  • Log in to the Admin interface to schedule shuttle and routes for the day
  • Our automated engine will schedule each sales agents routes for optimal drive times
  • Each sales agent receives push notifications to their mobile phone with instructions for each task
  • The agent can open directions in Google Maps, Waze or Apple Maps for quickest traffic routes
  • Once the sales agent completes a sales call they check that task off and continue to the next
  • Track the agents in real time in the admin interface
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