Route Optimization Software Comparison [2024]

GSMtasks has broken down the features and differences between all of the major players in our Route Optimization Software Comparison. Here is what we believe to be a fare comparison of software solutions that have route optimization as one of their features. Comparing products and services before making a decision is essential, but taking a test drive is even better.

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Features GSMtasks Routific Tookan GetSwift
Route Optimization YES YES YES YES
Activity Tracking YES YES YES YES
Third Party Integration YES YES YES YES
Calendar Management YES YES YES YES
Custom Forms YES YES YES YES
Data Import/Export YES YES YES YES
Employee Management YES YES YES YES
Event Tracking YES YES YES YES
Maintenance Scheduling YES YES YES YES
Worflow Management YES YES YES YES
Real-time Data YES YES YES YES
Visual Analytics YES YES YES YES
Pay As you Go YES NA NA YES
Free Trial 14 DAYS 7 DAYS 14 DAYS 30 DAYS
Price starting 14 € / a month 34.5 € /a month 13.3 € / a month NA


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The goal of a route optimization software solution is to minimize driving time and fuel consumption by making fleet management more efficient. Simply put – you must get more done while spending less money on it. It sounds straightforward on paper, but route optimization is a very complex process that needs to include many relevant factors, such as the number and location of all the required stops on the route, as well as time windows for deliveries and balancing loads across your whole mobile fleet.

Since you are reading this blog post right now, we are assuming that you have figured out that all this cannot be done manually and that you need to find a professional tool to help you solve the issues that route optimization brings to the table. However, finding the best route optimization software for your company can be quite a difficult task in itself.

Picking out the best route optimization option from the enormous number of options and all their complex functionalities can be tricky. All companies have unique needs, and not all the existing software will be fit. To make the decision easier, we have compiled a list of the best route optimization software on the market based on pricing, ease of use, key functionalities, and customer service.

What to consider when comparing route optimization software in 2024

Before we unveil the list of our top picks, let’s consider what to consider when choosing route optimization software for your company. Feel free to scroll to the next chapter if you want, but we strongly advise you to go through these points as well. Choosing the best solution for your company is an important decision that will affect your entire organization. Also, you should keep in mind that it is inevitable that there will be some costs associated with the implementation of the software, but finding the best solution for your company means it should help you save money in the long run, not just be a new source of costs.

Here are the four questions to ask yourself when choosing a route optimization software:

Who are your users?

One of the main factors to consider when choosing the right software is your team. The main people using the solution are your drivers, dispatchers, and other administrative staff. Learning how to use the new software daily should be as easy as possible for them.

Not all the options on the market are user-friendly, causing the initial deployment to be difficult and stressful. Choosing software that requires minimal technical proficiency and is straightforward will help you implement changes quicker and with fewer errors. It also allows new staff to settle in faster.

What is your budget?

As with everything else, the priciest option out there might not be the best one and vice versa. The pricing of route optimization software varies greatly, as do their functionalities. There are options on the market for just a few dollars per month and solutions that can be obtained for thousands of dollars. It is essential to dig a bit deeper into the pricing plan and see what it offers.

Typically, the pricing is based on the number of users or tasks, the variety of functionalities offered and the complexity of routing requirements. Many providers offer add-on features that can have a considerable effect on the final price. It would be best if you tried to find a solution where you can upgrade or downgrade easily, as your needs change over time as well. This way, you won’t pay extra for functionalities you might not need.

Am I optimistic that the software I chose will work for my team?

Implementing new software in your work will always have a risk. Fortunately, the risks can be significantly mitigated by trialling the software beforehand or at least getting to know it as well as you can from the inside out.

Many route optimization software providers offer free trials that allow you and your team to get a closer look at its functionalities and ease of use. If a free trial is unavailable, you should at least ask for a proper demonstration of the software and its possibilities. A professional software provider should be interested in gathering information about your expectations of the solution and finding the best way you can use its functions in your everyday work.

Does the software provider offer quality customer support?

Introducing a new solution in your company should be as easy as possible. Still, it would be best if you didn’t assume that you must do it all by yourself. All this is new for you and your employees, and the worst thing that could happen is that you have no one to turn to if you need help. So, when choosing route optimization software, find out all you can about the provider’s customer support. If their support team is poor, you will easily find feedback about that online.

The best software providers will value every client and understand that companies have unique needs. Fulfilling them and finding smart solutions for the customers’ problems must be their goal. Many great providers offer the possibility to chat online 24/7 with tech support or even provide you with a personal account manager who is always up to date-with your needs and ready to find the best solutions for your company.

Route optimization software comparison 2024

It’s time to reveal the best of the best. Please consider the functionalities and pricing plans of these options carefully and compare them to the needs of your company.

#1 GSMtasks

Rating on Capterra/GetApp: 4.7 (out of 5)

Pricing: user-based; starting from €14 /month

Free trial: yes (14 days)

Customer support: yes; live chat, e-mail, phone

Awarded with the Best Ease of Use and Best Value awards by Capterra, GSMtasks is, in our opinion, the best value-for-money route optimization software on the market. With pricing plans considerably more affordable than its competitors, it offers a wide variety of functions that allows it to integrate with all the major industries, including construction, HVAC, telecommunications, food and other delivery services, home services, government public services, medical & healthcare, mining, oil & gas, and security.

GSMtasks’s basic plan includes functionalities like unlimited tasks, digital proof of delivery, automatic routing, automatic notifications, and a mobile app for field workers, many of which are considered add-on features of other similar software. Re-routing and managing task changes has been made very easy on GSMtasks, which is extremely helpful when new urgent work orders come in, or some things don’t go according to plan on the field.

GSMtasks’s customer support is also worth mentioning, as the feedback collected on it is terrific. For just €19 a month, you will have a personal account manager who will guide you through everything during the initial deployment of the software and help you solve any problems you might encounter later on.

Pros: unlimited no. of tasks, affordable, 14-day free trial, excellent customer support, predictive ETA, real-time route tracking, easy to use

Cons: The app and software are being updated with new functionality often, so updates need to be done from time to time

Read the reviews on Capterra!


#2 Onfleet

Rating on Capterra/GetApp: 4.7 (out of 5)

Pricing: task-based; starting from €520 /month

Free trial: yes (14 days)

Customer support: yes; e-mail, scheduled phone calls

Onfleet offers professional routing software for smaller companies and enterprises with various functionalities. Their pricing plan is task-based, meaning an unlimited number of users can be granted access to the software. This might be a good choice for companies with bigger fleets that have a relatively good overview of their monthly task amount. The Launch plan includes 2,000 pickup or delivery tasks, and the Scale plan, for the price of €1,196 /month, consists of 5,000 tasks.

Onfleet’s top-tier plans include predictive ETA notifications, age verification, barcode scanning and a dedicated phone number. Choosing the Professional plan allows you to use such functionalities as a private label tracking page, multi-brand account support and unlimited analytics and export history. So, this software does offer a lot but might be a little too expensive for smaller companies.

Pros: unlimited no. of users, 14-day free trial, real-time route tracking, great extra functionalities

Cons: limited no. of tasks, pricy, no live customer support option, predictive ETAs are often imprecise

Read the reviews on Capterra!


#3 OptimoRoute

Rating on Capterra/GetApp: 4.6 (out of 5)

Pricing: user-based; starting from €37 /month

Free trial: yes (30 days)

Customer support: yes; e-mail, phone

Continuing with a more affordable solution, we have OptimoRoute in 3rd place. This routing software uses sophisticated algorithms to plan and optimize routes in seconds. Though their interface might look simple, it offers an endless supply of tricks, features, and shortcuts that flex to your unique needs and workflows. The various functionalities allow it to be integrated with many industries, such as ecommerce, HVAC, pool maintenance, field sales, retail distribution, and many others. Based on customer feedback, it is a relatively easy software to implement and use.

OptimoRoute’s pricing plan is user-based, meaning you can quickly down- or upgrade on their pricing plan if needed. The Lite plan offers essential functions like live tracking, route history, a free mobile app for drivers, live ETA breadcrumbs, export to Excel/Garmin, and a web service API. Upgrading your pricing plan will include features such as real-time order tracking, proof of delivery option and customer feedback. On the downside, while paying for a user-based plan might get you thinking you have an unlimited number of tasks per month, it is unfortunately not the case. The Lite and Pro plans are limited to 700 and 1000 orders per month, accordingly.

Pros: 30-day free trial, real-time route tracking, easy to deploy use, simple functionality, great for smaller businesses

Cons: limited no. of tasks in Lite and Pro plan, no live customer support option, predictive ETAs can be imprecise, problems with mapping may occur

Read the reviews on Capterra!


#4 Route4Me

Rating on Capterra/GetApp: 4.5 (out of 5)

Pricing: based on functionality, starting from €188 /month (up to 10 users per plan)

Free trial: yes (7 days)

Customer support: yes; e-mail, phone, live chat

Route4Me offers easy-to-use software for different-sized businesses in various industries, such as field service, field sales, field marketing, territory management, and other companies requiring last-mile optimization. Their route optimization function allows optimizing routes based on the unique aspects of any business, including driver skills, labour laws, mixed fleets, commercial routes, vehicle capacity, service time, multiple depots, pickup, drop off, curbside delivery, recurring routes, and more. As far as route optimization goes, this is one of the best you can get.

They offer a very different pricing plan when compared to others we have included in our list, as the pricing takes into consideration both the number of drivers as well as the functions offered. Customers can choose between three pricing plans – Route Management, Route Optimization, and Route Optimization Plus – limited to 10 users per plan. Every extra team member will cost you €65 /month, so for bigger teams, this might add up quite a bit. Also, when choosing between plans, one should keep in mind what their actual needs are, as the cheapest plan does not include rote optimization functionality at all.

Pros: 7-day free trial, route optimization offers many options, easy to use

Cons: adding extra users is pricy, lack of APIs, customer service is lacking

Read the reviews on Capterra!

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