Adopting new technology for better task management

However good the intentions, introducing new technology can be a very difficult process for any manager. But before we go further I would hope you have done your research and determined that the new technology is the right technological choice for your company. It’s simple, just outline your companies’ problem spots and goals and find that technology that suits your need! Maybe that’s a bit too simple but I just want to stress the fact: please choose new technology wisely.

Taking notes on task managment

This article will try to explain how to introduce new technology to your team with the 3 general themes:

  • Company needs for new technology to enable better task management
  • How will the team as a whole benefit, not just the owners and managers
  • Making the transition easy

State why your company needs the technology

In the case of GSM Tasks, your employees may feel that they are not trusted because you are implementing technology to follow them throughout their day. However this is not the case, you are adopting the technology to increase company efficiency.

Because you want to keep your employee’s trust high it’s important to be open with them, let them know that you are adopting new technology, not just the morning of adoption, but discuss it with them as early as possible. You may even learn that they really do want this new technology because, in the end, it should benefit them as well!

Being open to your employees about why the company is adopting new technology helps improve adoption satisfaction, making a point that the company is losing money.

Your employees could even feel responsible for the money loss and want to help increase efficiency.

Let your team know how they will benefit

If your team understands how the new technology will help them, they will be much more receptive to adopting the new technology, if the technology is making their daily job much more difficult you probably should not be using it!

GSM Tasks will help your employees with less paperwork, better tasks management, proof against any wrongful claims, and will keep their day more structured and organized requiring less driving to name a few.

Look at it from their shoes and think about what they will get out of it. Remember people are selfish, if it helps them they will be happy. It’s not a tool to spy on your employees and you’re not the only person reaping the benefits.

Making the transition easy

Like I said earlier the new technology should help make your employee’s days easier, but you still may need some encouragement to help.

A couple of tips include:

  • Get a few of your employees to spread the awesomeness of the new technology
    • If a few of “their own” can be happy then the rest will be more open to the new technology.
  • Create some incentives or competition, as with GSM Tasks you can now track a lot
    • See who can save the most miles or complete more tasks, take the funniest job images, but most of all just be creative. A little bit of competition is good, but make sure you don’t go overboard! We have heard of companies being so competitive-focused that it actually decreased efficiency.
  • Set Q&A sessions to learn about the technology but also to be open about the technology and its adoption
    • But be prepared you may get some uncomfortable questions.

People in the office chatting and laughing

Here is a recap about how you can make new technology adoption easier in your company

  • Let your team know that you are adopting technology and what you hope to accomplish with the new technology
  • Outline how your employees will benefit
  • Make the transition as easy as possible

With new technology, it’s always interesting to read about the early-stage ideas and see which ones actually become disruptive, what do you think? Make or bust with starship technologies?

Staying on the topic of technology, have you heard of Starship Technologies? It’s an interesting concept that may benefit your business or have no effect at all!

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