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Faster medical transportation, increased patient reassurance. Optimizing your driver routes empower your drivers to significantly complete more tasks in less time while reassuring patients. Error-free medical transportation software for your business.

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Reduce fuel costs and begin reassuring your patients

  • Location

    Automatically Generate Optimized Driver Routes

    Plan optimized multi-stop routes in minutes. GSMtasks routing engine rescues you from hours of manual fleet management planning.

  • Overview

    Straightforward Route Planning

    Customizable options including photo capture, GPS tracking, custom meta fields, proof of delivery and much more.

  • GPS

    Multi-Stop Planning Reduces Costs

    Enter your addresses for the day and the route optimization function provides the most efficient driver route. Automatically optimized routes save substantial fuel and delivery costs.

  • Email-parsing

    Recurring Tasks Eliminates Back-Office Admin

    Recurring tasks can help eliminate the need to schedule the same routes daily and instead get updated automatically.

  • System-integration

    Pc & Mobile Planning At Your Fingertips

    Manage your team of drivers from your mobile and give them real-time information and ensure task completion on the go.

  • App

    Powerful Reporting In A Few Clicks

    Extract routing data to boost your business performance. Track only the metrics you need like actual task completion time, average driver delivery time or cost per delivery.

Managing patient trust

Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) constitutes businesses whose main purpose is to collect patients and stakeholders from their homes and driving them to medical hospitals, centers, and doctors quickly, safely and with a high degree of care and consideration.

Compromising on patient care simply cannot be done, so NEMT companies must find new tools to improve patient trust, deliver a high standard of customer service, and simultaneously find a solution that can do both and yet still reduce costs.

Medical transportation software is one such tool to do this.


Breeding patient confidence yet still lowering fuel costs

When you collect patients and stakeholders from their doorstep, a high degree of trust is required.

To meet these high standards your business demands a technology solution that provides a fast, transparent and reliable patient-customer process.

Medical transportation software supports NEMT vendors by not only breeding patient trust, yet helps to remove the following:

  • Increased fuel costs
  • Higher vehicle wear and tear
  • Drivers completing fewer tasks within the day
  • Patient dissatisfaction due to long waiting times
  • Grossly inefficient driving routes

Optimizing Medical Transportation Routes Is Now Even Simpler

Just insert, upload or copy-paste your location list and GSMTasks does the rest, automatically optimizing your drivers’ routes so you don’t have to. Customers receive their orders quicker meaning you get on doing what you do best – managing your business.

1. Upload or insert delivery locations
2. Schedule driver routes
3. Routes are automatically optimized 
4. Drivers deliver faster than ever


How medical transportation software works

Transforming your medical transportation business has never been easier. To get started streamlining cost and boosting patient confidence simply:

  • Log in to the Admin interface to schedule drivers and routes for the day
  • The automated engine schedules each drivers route for optimal delivery times
  • Each driver receives push notifications to their mobile phone with individual task instructions
  • Drivers can open directions in Google Maps, Waze or Apple Maps for quickest traffic routes
  • Once the driver completes a job, they check that task off and continue to the next
  • Track the drivers in real-time in the admin interface


Don’t just take our word for it

“GSMtasks was a ready solution to be used and was customized according to Securitas needs.”

You don’t need GSMTasks if you:

  • Want to keep doing business the outdated way
  • You do not care about saving your time
  • Are not bothered about increasing profit

You should trial GSMTasks for free if you do want to:

  • Increase driver productivity
  • Lower fuel costs and other expenses
  • Increase profits for your business
  • Wish to compete with the competition
  • Skyrocket customer satisfaction rates



Reach patients faster and boost their confidence in you with GSMTasks

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