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Optimized Mobile Workforce Management

With businesses growing bigger and spreading wider, the classic pen and paper field management routine may have become obsolete. Managing the field manually is a needless waste of the company’s resources, standing in the way of its overall productivity. The technologies for computing the field service tasks have taken a considerable step forward, and now is a perfect time for replacing the old-fashioned laborious methods for a more c...

Welcome everyone

Why I am writing this blog today is to tell you about who we are, why we care about your mobile workforce, and give you guidance to what you can expect from our blog.

GSMtasks was a natural growth step from our previous work. We originally sold GPS trackers for fleet management. As with all things going mobile, we saw an opportunity to not only enhance our current user satisfaction but help many, many other businesses.

Our GPS tracki...

Introducing new technology

However good the intentions, introducing new technology can be a very difficult process for any manager.

But before we go further I would hope you have done your research and determined that the new technology is the right technological choice for your company. Its simple, just outline your companies’ problem spots and goals and find that technology that suits your need! Maybe that’s a bit too simple but I just want to stress the fact...