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Do you know why Red Triangle appears at the end of the task?

The Red Triangle appears at the end of the task when GSMtasks has checked automatically three conditions and finds that:

● Task deadline (complete after/before) is overdue

● Address location is missing (must be approved address by google maps)

● Route optimization fails

Now you know :)

Have fun exploring,

GSMtasks team

Nutikas logistika ja töökorraldus GSMtasks abil

GSMtasks on rakendusepõhine nutikas veo ja tööülesannete halduslahendus, mis jälgib reaalajas ettevõtte logistikat nii kontoris kui ka väljaspool seda ning aitab muuta meeskonnatöö tõhusamaks ja kiiremaks. „Oletame, et sa oled logistik ning sul on 10 autojuhti või kullerit, kellele kõigile on sul vaja saata tööülesandeid, aga sa ei saa või ei taha seda paberil teha,“ kirjeldab tootejuht Kristo Keiv.

„Siis teed omale konto, lisad süs...

Brand NEW GSMtasks mobile APP features

We have launched a BRAND NEW mobile app for iOS and Adroid.

Here are the features that you can use to increase the efficiency of your work:

Complete overview - Overview of all the tasks that need to be completed - visualized on a map with the order of fulfilment.

Real-time updates - Real-time updates to the states of the tasks - watch the daily tasks get completed in real time.

Drag & drop management - Easy drag & drop m...

Did you know that we have brand new GSMtasks app for iOS and Android?

Click HERE to see video about BRAND NEW GSMtasks app!

Apps make your day more productive. We mean useful apps, not all social media apps.

We provide an easy to use GSMtasks app to ensure all your day's work gets completed:

● Give your drivers all tasks before they get to work

● Update tasks while they're on the road with a push of a button

● Know where your drivers are, how many tasks they have completed and how many...

Did you know about GSMtasks Analytics?

With GSMtasks you can track only the metrics you actually need. We will provide you correct and easy to understand data to enhance your business processes. 

Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

For example, you can track and analyze your worker's movements at all times:

● Are your drivers spending too much time on location?

● How many tasks do they complete in a day?

● Where are they and what are they doing?

● Are they d...

Did you know about Proof of Delivery?

Once the work has been done you can send immediately the worksheet (digital document) to customer with an attached signature in the application.

Have fun exploring,

GSMtasks team

Did you know about SMS and E-MAIL notifications?

Keep customers informed through automated or manual notifications. Trigger based SMS and E-MAIL notifications inform your customers when your worker starts, reaches and completes the task.

Optionally your company domain e-mail name can be set, when sending e-mails from the GSMtasks system.


Have fun exploring,

GSMtasks team

Did you know about Digital Signatures?

Paper is yesterday. Screens and digital is today and tomorrow. Modernise your business processes and you feel the difference immediately.

* Your own work becomes easier.
* Your team will feel it and your paying clients will most definitely feel it.
* It simply means increase in productivity and that means more money.

You can upload signatures to your documents for any task and fulfill all delivery requirements digitally, inc...

Did you know about Related Tasks?

Link two or more tasks with each other, this is important when your order require more than one stop.
Joint pick up and drop off order Mobile app view - You can see from pick up task all related drop off tasks

Have fun exploring,

GSMtasks team

Did you know about Metafields?

You can add custom metafields, they can show in detail view, in list view or in mobile app.

It is very handy if you need to display extra details for the worker.

Metafields can export to CSV or Excel file and also import from CSV or Excel file.  

Have fun exploring,

GSMtasks team

Did you know that you can make Route Optimization?

This feature saves you from hours of manual planning and provide you the most efficient route for your worker.

Simply enter the tasks for the day and our route optimization function will provide the most efficient route. You can use fixed start and end point (also fixed start time).

Optimized routes avoid unnecessary consumption of fuel, which saves substantial costs to your business.

Have fun exploring,

GSMtasks ...

Did you know that you can Repeat Tasks?

Create tasks without any hassle of entering same task again and again. 

Just enter the task details, enable task repeat (recurrence) function and choose frequency.

Have fun exploring,

GSMtasks team

Optimized Mobile Workforce Management

With businesses growing bigger and spreading wider, the classic pen and paper field management routine may have become obsolete. Managing the field manually is a needless waste of the company’s resources, standing in the way of its overall productivity. The technologies for computing the field service tasks have taken a considerable step forward, and now is a perfect time for replacing the old-fashioned laborious methods for a more c...

Welcome everyone

Why I am writing this blog today is to tell you about who we are, why we care about your mobile workforce, and give you guidance to what you can expect from our blog.

GSMtasks was a natural growth step from our previous work. We originally sold GPS trackers for fleet management. As with all things going mobile, we saw an opportunity to not only enhance our current user satisfaction but help many, many other businesses.

Our GPS tracki...

Introducing new technology

However good the intentions, introducing new technology can be a very difficult process for any manager.

But before we go further I would hope you have done your research and determined that the new technology is the right technological choice for your company. Its simple, just outline your companies’ problem spots and goals and find that technology that suits your need! Maybe that’s a bit too simple but I just want to stress the fact...